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                                      I Miss You Ed

                                                         On July 14, 2012 I Lost My

                                                                Best Friend

                                                                    Better Half

                                                                       Team Mate




         I want to THANK All that have bought puppies or were buying puppies at that time.

                    For I felt all the prayers and support at my lowest, hardest time.

                                      God brings to you those that you need.  

        Everything changed in an instant, I thought I was taking him to the hospital to get stitches.

               Just get his eyebrow sewed up and bring him home, but that was not to be.

          I sat by his side for weeks and watched him die, there was nothing anyone could do.

                         When you visit the farm you will see all that Ed has done.

                            Most were my ideas But it was Ed that got it DONE.

                 Of all the animals we have had on the farm, the dogs are his favorite.

          He was always getting them treats and toys. he could even find things at yard sales!

                    Ed held me up when I lost my son, grandson, brother, and Dad.

                              Now I lean on the Strength he showed me.

                                                I Miss You Ed

           He has showed me Good Times. I have been fishing in the Florida Keys

              I have got to eat breakfast with Mickey Mouse at Disney Land.

  Some of our Best times was right here on the farm watching movies in the kennel with the dogs!

             We would set on the deck watch the birds, listen to the frogs.

                   Watch the leaves of the trees dance in the breeze

                                               I Miss You Ed

             You will find pictures of Ed on the farm, with the dogs,  enjoying life.

       The last picture is of the garden. This Spring we worked together on the garden.

         I found seeds that were 2 and 3 years old. He said I don't think they will grow,

        but go ahead plant them. They are the HUGE squash and pickles in the picture!

                                      EVERY PACKAGE GREW! !

                                              I Miss You Ed

                                Good-By...........Please Wait For Me



                                                  Farm Work

                                             Kennel Yard

                                            More Work

                                            Time to Rest

                                Ed and Tippy as a baby

                                Fun At The Butterfly House


                                                 The Garden