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                                      My HERO

This page has been set up so those that have bought puppies from me will see where the Love of Dogs (or all animals) comes from.

                                      My Dad was my HERO

                             I lost him on November 23 2011

                    My Dad was a farmer, He could plant the seed

                                till the soil, havest the crop.

                      He would work from sun up to sunset.

                  He would carry a calf in from the back pasture,

                       with the Mom tagging along behind.

               He taught his kids hard work, sweat, and patience,

                         would bring you good in the end.

             From the seed, to the green field, to the golden crop.

                From the newborn calf that stumbles and falls,

                      that will grow into a fine dairy cow.

                      Some things take but just a season.

                           Some may take many years.

                                   I Miss You Dad

                                 He Was MY Hero

                   He taught me how to pitch a softball.

                                     .  .  .  .  .

                        Catch a chicken in the dark.

                                    .  .  .  .  .

                         Draw pictures from the heart

                                     .  .  .  .  .

                He would race the weather and the sun

                    to make sure all things got done.

for those who have read this far and for the Hero's in your life, give them a Hug let them know how much you care while you still have them. If they are far away give them a call let them know you are thinking of them and that you care. If they are like my Dad just close your eyes,

                                                                                             Hero's are Always near by.

Below you will find pictures of both of my Hero's My Mom and Dad. Mom is now with Dad she will soon have her own page. Miss Them Both Very Much  

                                 Mom and Dad

                                   To My Hero

                                    Puppy Kisses

                                    Butterfly House

                                     Mom and Dad

Dad LOVED to mow the yards and we all would watch for him